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ATV mud bogging is one of the most popular sports in the United States and the Canada. It is also known as the mud racing, muddying or mud drags. As this game is all about driving, the vehicle through the mud stretch and in the real senses a tough task to do. Here the winner is that person who drives the vehicle to the largest distance in the game. If some vehicles travel the entire length then in such case the time taken to travel the lane is the point of consideration. Typically, these vehicles in the competition of the mud bogs are four-wheelers.

If one has to even imagine the thing of driving the vehicle on such a lane which is full of pit of mud then he / she would like to watch the same instead of participating in the game. Although the game is very enjoyable to watch but there are certain risks involved. Generally the organizer of such events make the possible arrangements related with the health, foods etc. For the participants as well as the audiences.

There are several bodies that look after this motor sports like the National Mud Racing Organization (NMRO) and the American Mud Racing Association (AMRA). These sport bodies looks after the development and maintenance of the mud track owners to offer the game some respectable inputs like good return to the sponsors and other relevant thing.they are also involve in the marketing of the game.

There are different rules to play the game. Generally the governing bodies and takes the responsibility for the implementation and for any kind of changes in it.These body also looks for the benefits of the associated people either it is sponsor or the track owner or even the audience who has come to see the event should not feel it as a loss.

In the old times, the mud bogging was done by the pickup trucks or any sport utility vehicles (SUV) that is modified with the lifted suspensions and has larger tires. The engines of the vehicles upgrade were also common at that time. During the 1970s and the early 1980s, the larger tractor tires got much popularity and the driving lines required for such tires led to some of the first purposely built as mud bogging machines.

In late 1980s, governing bodies started giving the precedent to vehicles along with the lower and modified, dragster-type designs, as it increased the popularity of the same. At the same joke, the superchargers became a widely used and led to the modern top-notch racer.

During the same time the mud bogging events were much popular and there used to be a class that was to run the tractor tired trucks. The trucks were like the Goldbricker, Arizona Outlaw, Arizona Sidewinder, Six Pack, Nasty Habits, Instant Motion, Mud Pup, Mud Lord, Wild Thing, and the Cyclops was mostly known in the field. Some trucks were later modified to be like a Monster Trucks.

There are many companies that are organizing this event at a very affordable price. Again these events depend a lot on the taste of residents of a city. If the local people are more enthusiastic about this game then the price of the tickets go up and if it is on the other side where there is very little audience for the same then the rate goes down to promote the game. The game bodies again play a big role here by helping the owner of the mud track to get a good return from any event organized about the mud bogging.

Talking about the tracks, there are many qualities and types of the same as it could be an open bog, bog with small rock, flat or progressive bog or might be a hill with holes. These bogs come in different shape and design that may range from 46 meters to 91 meters. In general an open bog is considered as a natural one general found near any forest area. The hill with holes typically ranges among 18 meters to 61 meters as it is a series of hill and holes. Similarly, the flat or the progressive tracks are like the drag strips or even filled with salt and all the tracks that come under the NMRO are generally flat.